5 Common Electrical Emergencies To Keep An Eye For

5 Common Electrical Emergencies To Keep An Eye For

There are times when an electrical emergency is so severe, you need immediate attention from a professional electrical contractor. This could be caused by anything from a blown fuse to fire alarms going off in your home or the building’s sprinkler system – or any other number of things! Here’s how these situations typically play out and what steps can help get them taken care of quickly.

Power Outage

If the power goes out in your home, it’s best to contact an electrician. A 24-hour professional can help you determine which side of the problem lies with—you or them.

  • If your entire block loses power, there are likely some problems with the provider.
  • The power going out in your home could be a sign that there is an issue on the other end. This would mean hiring someone like me, who has years and expertise with electricians’ skills necessary to solve problems such as these!

Sparks & Flames

No matter the cause of the fire, your first call should be to the fire department. If electrical issues caused it then a 24-hour electrician is essential for repairs and temporary solutions until you can get back on track with what needs to be fixed.

Faller Power Lines

If you’re living in an area that has been affected by high winds and fallen trees, it’s important to be mindful of the downed power lines. These are like little campsite sappers – they can cause fires or even death when touched during an accident.

Moving power lines can be very dangerous, so it’s important to call for help as soon as possible. Don’t even think about moving the fallen pieces of your line or getting near them! Your first priority should always remain to contact an electrician and follow their instructions carefully; keep family members away from these areas too because they could get shocked if you aren’t paying attention while working on site.

Noisy Breaker Box

A breaker box that hums, buzzes, or crackles is not something you want to hear. Your circuit breaker will make it trip if the electrical current hits some kind of obstacle and this protective feature works wonders! If your breakers aren’t working properly then they can start burning causing those annoying noise-making sounds which may be coming from their own fiery destruction. Many homeowners have been caught without power from an overloaded breaker box. If this happens, stop using appliances that are turned on and call for help immediately.

Burnt Outlet

If you notice brown stains around your outlets, it could be a serious problem on the walls and hands. This indicates that these are overloaded with electricity likely ready to catch fire. Avoid touching them or plugging anything into this location while an emergency electrician comes out who can fix everything from there so everyone’s safe.

Get A Reliable Emergency Allentown Electrician Today!

Electrical dangers are real. Electricity-related fires cause thousands of death each year, and in most cases, the early warning signs were there. Keep yourself and your family safe by calling an experienced licensed Allentown electrician such as Estevez Electric, whenever you have concerns about your house wiring needs or electrical repairs; if it’s any type of electrical emergency we’ll be there when needed!