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A circuit breaker panel may be the first place to start when looking at ways of improving your home’s electrical system safety. The 20-year rule requires that all homeowners replace any old or outdated wiring in a given residence, and insurers believe an aged circuit panel poses too much risk for potential accidents which could cause harm not just within but also outside your house. If you need circuit breaker and fuse repairs call now at (484) 838-2763 to get your free estimate on your next circuit break replacement services.

A circuit breaker is a very important device that must be replaced if it becomes damaged or near-expired. It’s not capable of protecting homes against voltage surges and also ineffective in case there would only need minor repairs on your electrical system, such as completing some additional circuits for modern appliances available today. 

Why Replace Your Old Circuit Breaker Panel?

You know your circuit breaker repair is needed when you smell the burning of wires or see them smoke, and it’s because they’re overworked. If the nameplate on their panel says Zinsco or Federal Pacific then go ahead with replacing that old one.

You can always tell when a device needs some maintenance by its physical signs: overheating electronics wig out in distress; warning lights start flashing errantly without any obvious cause at first glance. Our electricians at Estevez Electric L.L.C are experts in repairing circuit breakers and fuse boxes so that you can rest assured your home will be safe day and night.

These circuit breaker panels are not capable of handling modern appliances. The result is that they become overheated and cause either sparks or accidental fires, which can be quite hazardous to your home’s wiring system.

Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Panel For Modern Appliances

With the rise of modern appliances that are more powerful than ever before, it’s important to keep your home safe with quality circuit breaker panels. If you notice an overload or burning smell coming from one room in particular then there could be a problem on its way. Check out the year of manufacture for these devices first so they can handle what needs handling.

Your circuit breaker panel might be getting too hot, which can mean it’s unable to handle the power demands of all your appliances. If you don’t know much about these things or have an expert check on them for any problems- Eaton Cutler-Hammer will do just fine! The company offers installation services as well so if anyone at Estevez Electric L.L.C says that there are no issues with yours then go ahead and call them.

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We have qualified and experienced Allentown electricians that know everything about circuit breaker panels. They will inspect the one in your home to see if it needs repairing or replacing, so call today! Give us a call today at (484) 838-2763.

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