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We at Estevez Electric install Allentown surge protectors to keep your appliances, electronics, and expensive home safe from harmful electrical discharges. When storms roll in we know that you need a professional service like ours which has wide experience installing residential protection devices. We have many years of experience with equipping homeowners in Allentown with surge protectors.

Allentown Surge Protector Installation

In the event of a storm, your household electricity can be greatly affected. Without protection from surges in power that occur when lightning strikes and extinguishes itself near you or other grounding sources such as trees outside your home–even without striking it directly! Your electronics will likely get fried with just one strike! Protect yourself by installing an Allentown surge protector correctly so these damaging overcharges don’t happen. Our team of Allentown electricians at Estevez Electric has deep knowledge in installing the best surge protectors for your home.

You Can Count On Estevez Electric Surge Protectors To Help With:

  • Lightning – Electrical overcharge and lightning can cause major damage.
  • Utility Malfunction –In the event of a utility malfunction, local power can damage delicate electronic equipment like computers and appliances.
  • In-Home Causes – The thing about your home’s appliances is that they can sometimes cause glitches in the system. This may lead to harmful electrical surges, which could damage some of our more sensitive electronics!

Keeping our community safe is very important to us. When you trust us, we will take care of any and all installation needs ensuring that your home or business remains intact during a power surge event!

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You deserve the peace of mind when it comes to your home. Estevez Electric is here for you with Allentown electrician services and we will make sure that everything in the house stays safe, including surge protection!. Give us a call today at (484) 838-2763.

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