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Estevez Electric offers a full range of electric vehicle (EV) charging station solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we have the right EV charger for every customer! Our certified technicians will assess your requirements and offer customized plans that cover installation through maintenance services – all at competitive rates with no long-term contracts required in order to make it easy on you. Our experienced experts will assess every detail about any potential solution before providing them with a turnkey system tailored specifically to meet our clients’ needs today.

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Estevez Electric is a leading EV charging station manufacturer that can provide you with the best solution. Our technicians help design projects, calculate ROI for commercial installations and actively manage them during the installation process as well!

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The single charger or double chargers you can configure your car with will determine how fast it charges. Understand that the connector is not what plugs into a wall, but rather an on-board device that converts alternating current (AC) from our homes and sends direct currents through to batteries inside of cars – kind’a like a faucet for water flow! That means there’s going speed limit depending upon how much power needs charging at once: The slower villages mean less waste due to time constraints while faster ones allow more rapid replenishment in terms of miles per hour when driving around town; just remember these differences before configuring yourself accordingly so everything runs smoothly.

To make the bucket fill up faster, you need a bigger faucet. This means getting an outlet that has more power and charge capacity in it per hour of use; for example, one rated at 20kW with 58 miles range or 240 watts which gives out 432 mph when charging Model S cars on their own (though not always capable).

The Dual Charger charges two batteries at once, so you only need one outlet. It also converts the power to Direct Current (DC) and sends it in order for each driver’s side tail light! For cars configured with onboard chargers installed this should be done 15 feet away from where an individual sits behind the wheel or 18 inches above ground level – never any higher than that because there could be lightning storms during storm season which would mean bad news if anything got fried by way too much electricity right?

The connector is 25 feet long; use heavy-duty wire like 14 gauge copper cable when running through walls due to about 20% loss over longer distances than lighter weight stuff such as 6 gauge aluminum intestines used primarily.

We Help You Save the Planet with Your Electric Vehicle

You’re probably not harming the planet with your gas-dependent car, but you might find yourself feeling guilty for its emissions. You could take measures such as using public transportation or biking around so that’s what people don’t have to do anymore!  You can reduce your carbon footprint by getting an electric vehicle and EV charging station to go with it. Not only will you enjoy the convenience of a personal car, but this is also more environmentally friendly than driving around in gas-guzzling machines all day long!

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With the Easton Estevez Electric team on your side, you can rest assured that we will find a way to make sure every detail is considered. With our extensive knowledge and experience in EV charging station installation together with an unmatched commitment towards customer service – no task too big or small! Give us a call today at (484) 838-2763.

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