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We are a top-rated commercial and residential electrician in Fullerton, Pennsylvania. If you are looking to hire the best Fullerton electrician then look no further than Estevez Electric. Call today at (484) 838-2763.

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If you have been searching for a reliable electrician in Fullerton, PA then we are the perfect company for you. At Estevez Electric, we take great pride in the fact that every single member of our team is trained and certified. That’s why you can rely on us for 24/7 Fullerton electrician services – whether it be an emergency fix or simply new installation work! We’ll make sure your home stays running smoothly by providing reliable solutions backed up with professional service at all times.

Estevez Electric is a premier electrical service company that offers home improvement projects to residents in Fullerton, PA. They are proud of their highly trained, experienced electricians backed by a reputable and experienced company providing high-quality work at competitive prices. Your home is important to you and we understand the importance of keeping it safe. We’re happy that so many people value their safety, which is why our team provides annual inspections as well as electrical safety upgrades like carbon monoxide detectors, fuse boxes, or lighting receptacles.

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What Our Fullerton Clients Are Saying

Jen A
Jen A
Estevez Electric is fantastic! They did an excellent job installing an outside outlet/converting the existing electrical from 220v. They were on time (actually were able to come earlier than expected but contacted me first to check) and were very friendly. They charged a reasonable price and were available soon after I first contacted them. I highly recommend them. I'll definitely call them in the future when I need an electrician again.
Brian Mioduski
Brian Mioduski
I had a very small job during a busy time for Estevez electric and they made time for me. Very professional and personable. Excellent! Will call back when I need electrician.
Dion Serrano
Dion Serrano
Professional, very clean quality work. Will refer to friends and family
Paul Arellano
Paul Arellano
We contracted with Estevez Electric to make some electrical repairs that were identified on our pre-purchase home inspection. Estevez Electric gave an accurate estimate and was on time for the job. Chris, the owner, was a pleasure to work with. Estevez Electric will be our go to electrician for all of our electrical needs.
Joel Pena
Joel Pena
Was quick and easy definitely recommend to anyone
Justine Nagle
Justine Nagle
Chris was super on time, engaging and professional. Was here for maybe a little over an hour or less and fixed an issue that I’ve had for years. Would definitely recommend him!!!
Pamela Gaines
Pamela Gaines
Very punctual and services performed professionally. Fair pricing and overall outstanding service. Very pleased.
Bruce Patterson
Bruce Patterson
Estevez is an Awesome contractor! They were prompt, professional and extremely proficient. They arrived at our home promptly (ahead of time), professionally dressed, properly identified, Covid conscious and ready to go to work. They troubleshooted our issue very quickly and explained to us clearly the nature of the problem. Their price was very fair and the work performed was excellent. We highly recommend Estevez for your Electrical service needs.

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We guarantee our work and strive for excellence in customer service by always putting our customers first. Keep your property, staff, and customers safe, call us today! (484) 838-2763


Residential Electrical Repair Services in Fullerton, PA

Quality Electrical Repair Services Across The Fullerton area

Our electrical technicians in Fullerton and the surrounding areas are ready to help you when your power goes out. We can offer an emergency call-out service, so if it’s an inconvenient time or day for us that doesn’t matter because our mission is to make sure your home is taken care of. Our fully trained electricians will ensure everything is working as expected with their thorough inspections.  So if you want an electrician in Allentown, PA or even a contractor who can repair your home’s electrical needs then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to hear from you and offer professional advice that meets all of our clients’ demands! We offer the following residential electrical services in Fullerton, PA

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Commercial Electrical Repair Services in Fullerton, PA

Estevez Electric is your reliable commercial electrical services provider. When you need an expert in the field, we are always at hand with fast response times and competitive pricing that will leave more money on hand for other important business needs like employee training or marketing initiatives; not to mention peace of mind knowing everything about our work including safety standards goes above board!

Your company’s success depends upon reliable power sources—we understand this responsibility well so don’t hesitate any longer when seeking assistance dealing with electrical issues affecting your business or commercial property. 

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Estevez Electric L.L.C. is located at 227 S Madison St, Allentown, Pennsylvania. From Lehigh Valley International Airport continue to PA-987 S. Then head west, and turn left. Next to slight right toward PA-987 S. Take US-22 W, Fullerton Ave, American Pkwy and Martin Luther King Jr Dr to S Jefferson St in Allentown. After that sharp right onto PA-987 S, and use the right lane to merge onto US-22 W via the ramp to Harrisburg. Then take the Fullerton Avenue exit, and keep right at the fork and merge onto Fullerton Ave. Next, continue onto N Front St, and turn right onto American Pkwy. At this point continue onto S 3rd St, and turn right onto Union St. Then keep left to continue on Martin Luther King Jr Dr. Continue on S Jefferson St. Take Union St to S Madison St. After that turn right onto S Jefferson St. Finally, turn left onto Union St. Turn left onto S Madison St, and Estevez Electric L.L.C. will be on the left.

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About Fullerton PA

Located just outside Allentown, Pennsylvania is Fullerton. This unincorporated area and CDP has a population of 14,925 people as reported by the 2010 Census Bureau statistics on these areas within Lehigh County’s boundaries which make up much smaller than some other nearby cities such Latrobe or Reading- both located close enough that they can easily be reached without too much trouble when traveling from place to another – but still offer plenty for those living here in their own backyards! Originally known as Ferndale, the town was located on tracts of land originally settled by Giles Windsor (1767), Stephen Snyder(1786) and Jacob Yundt(1826). In 1895 it got its present name Fullerton which is homage to James W fuller Jr., an entrepreneur who owned a factory that manufactured railway car wheels before becoming one half owner/shortly thereafter president of F&F Company–renaming them Frederick & Fuller incorporated in Illinois. The town of Fuller was founded in 1870 and by 1883 it had become a thriving company town with an excess population that worked for both the factories run by this particular firm. When limestone mining became more popular during early 1900’s, they prospered even further as their machinery supply businesses expanded throughout region; however when Lehigh Valley exploded into activity later on down line -it wasn’t just about hard rock but also cement making-Fuller needed workers who could handle all types situations so he hired them from near and far!

Fullerton is a small town located in eastern Lehigh County at 40°37′53″N 75 °28′49″W (40.632109, -75). It borders the city of Allentown to its south and west while also sharing boundaries with Catasauqua across what would be River Street if it existed here instead; these three areas form part of Whitehall Township . The climate in Fullerton is generally warm and dry with an average of 240 sunny days per year. The area’s natural resources include agriculture, mining (particularly copper), oil production along thelengthy California interstate 5 corridor which borders nearby Orange County to its south; there’s also plenty for nature lovers because this partof town contains several protected wilderness areas including Islais Creek riparian zone near Angel Island State Park as well asthe Laguna Coast Wilderness Area!!!

The census of 2000 showed that 14,268 people lived in 622 households and 3 827 families. Out of these figures almost 9 out 10 were white followed by African American with only 1 person who identified themselves as Native American or other races making up the rest percentage points respectively . Additionally at least half (50%) had been born elsewhere while 30% had immigrated from somewhere else abroad!

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