The Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology

The Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology (formerly the Cedar Crest Museum) has a long history of providing families with fun, engaging and memorable experiences. Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Center provides children with an environment that encourages them to explore and discover new things through hands-on learning experiences. Learn more here in Allentown PA.

Designed to captivate and engage kids, teens and adults alike, the Center’s interactive and educational exhibits spark interest in science, technology, engineering, art and math, or STEAM, subjects. These experiences and collaborations awaken students’ curiosity and promote fundamental skills that prepare them to consider careers in these fields.

Exhibits are interactive and based on real science. This makes the experience more meaningful for kids.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant Renaissance man who made a huge impact in the field of technology, medicine, art and science. He invented a variety of items, including the parachute, the helicopter and the tank.

Today, Da Vinci’s legacy remains relevant and influential. His observations and ideas are the foundation of the innovative, technological advancements that modern society thrives on.

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology is an extraordinary homage to the genius who made such profound contributions to the human race. The Museum traces the evolution of European science and technology from its early beginnings to current research. Learn more information about Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Family Days Out.

Visitors will be able to see and experience some of the amazing inventions Leonardo dreamed up as they tour the museum’s permanent exhibition, “Da Vinci – The Genius.”

Created by Grande Exhibitions under the auspices of the Commune di Roma, Commune di Firenze and Citta Di Venezia with the help of French scientist Pascal Cotte of Lumiere Technologies, France, this acclaimed and award-winning exhibition immerses guests in a world of incredibly detailed and highly accurate reproductions of many of his most important works.

Some of these reproductions are even life-size, allowing for a more immersive look at the master’s work. These include reproductions of the famous Mona Lisa — the most iconic painting in the world – as well as a wide-ranging collection of other Renaissance masterpieces and scientific discoveries.

Another highlight of the museum is an in-depth exploration of the history and evolution of the human body. In addition to an introductory exhibit about the human skeleton, there’s a large display about organs and a room filled with interactive models that allow guests to explore different body parts and their functions.

During their time at the museum, visitors can also learn about the science behind the creation of their own bodies through a hands-on anatomy studio. The exhibition features a life-size model of the human body that’s based on a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, and is accompanied by a series of interactive and educational experiences that bring this fascinating topic to life for young and old alike.

The museum’s other permanent exhibitions are equally engaging and fascinating, with an abundance of interesting displays that take visitors on a journey from early 20th century industrial relics to the most recent innovations in space travel. The displays are designed to be an immersive experience where the science behind the creation of these amazing objects is revealed in full.