Why You Need to Visit the Popular America on Wheels Museum

If you’re a car lover or just want to learn more about the history of transportation, then America on Wheels is the place for you! With 23,000 square feet of exhibit space, this museum aims to preserve the amazing history of the automobile, through its educational and special events. Learn more here in Allentown PA.

The museum’s collection of cars and trucks is pretty incredible, and it features a range of vehicles from Thunderbolts to Hudsons. There are also model cars, motorcycles and other historic artifacts for you to admire.

You’ll get to see some pretty cool vehicles when you visit this museum, and there are even some pretty awesome activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family! For example, kids can take part in a Kids’ Car Service & Restoration Center, where they’ll be able to work on a fabricated car to help them learn what an engine looks like.

There are also plenty of special events to enjoy at this popular museum, including a heavy equipment petting zoo and “Car Tunes” along the waterfront. Plus, there’s a 1950s HubCap Cafe where you can grab some classic treats like ice cream cones and milkshakes!

This museum is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It’s a great way to spend the day with your family and learn more about American culture! Learn more information about An Insider Guide to the Allentown Farmers Market.

Thousands of people have visited the museum since it opened, and they’ve come to love its elaborate galleries. They’ve seen the latest in personal transportation from scooters to Segways, to the grand Mack Truck that helps feed a growing nation.

The exhibits at the museum are always changing, so you can always find something new and exciting to see. There are also many special events to attend, such as a heavy equipment petting zoo, “Car Tunes” along the waterfront and a bulldog beauty contest!

For a fun and informative trip, be sure to check out the museum’s online event calendar. You’ll be able to plan your visit around one of these events, or you can plan for a time that works well with your schedule.

If you’re planning on taking your children to this museum, there are a few things that they should know before they go. First, they should know that admission is free for kids under 5 years old, and seniors can always get in for free. They should also be aware that there are a few different ways to save money on your ticket, such as if you purchase an all-day pass or if you buy tickets for two people at a time.

Next, they should be aware that the museum is open all year round. However, the hours and exhibits can change during certain seasons, so be sure to check their website ahead of time to ensure that you’ll have a good time!

Lastly, they should be aware that there is a lot of space devoted to the Mack Truck corporation. There are a few interactive exhibits that allow visitors to sit in the cab of a Mack Truck and even drive it for a few minutes.