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About Estevez Electric - Your Allentown Electrical Company

Serving Clients All Across The Allentown area since 2010

We follow a higher standard, adhering to a strict set of electrical repair and ethics guidelines to ensure that our customers receive an exceptional cleaning experience.

Estevez Electric is an electrical company based in Allentown, PA, offering professional electrical services for commercial and residential properties. We are committed to providing our customers with superior service, affordable prices, and an enjoyable customer experience. No matter what the issues may be with your electrical system, we have the skills and equipment to properly assess the situation, propose the best solution, and take the appropriate action.

Estevez Electric has been installing new fixtures and devices, replacing circuit breakers and panels for a very long time. Whether you want wiring work done in your premises or not they will do the job safely with experience that captures their professionalism from start to finish.

Estevez Electric is dedicated to making sure that your home or business’s electrical system is in perfect working condition at all times. For more information on our electrical services, please contact Estevez Electric today!


Electrician Company You Can Trust

Our qualified electricians will attend to the problem and give you a quote based upon what needs to be done. Our pricing is very transparent so that we can allow our clients an idea of how much they could expect to pay for service, regardless if it involves troubleshooting or repairs/installation of new appliances in your home! We’re ready when needed: call (484) 838-2763 today!

Honest & Transparent Pricing

Contact our team at Estevez Electric for a free quote. You won’t find any hidden fees or surcharges, and that’s why we’re proud to be the most honest electrical contractors in town! Our experienced professionals are licensed by the local authorities so you can rest assured knowing your work will withstand government inspections while also being environmentally friendly.

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