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Ceiling fans are a great way to make your home more comfortable. In fact, they can lower the temperature by up to 10 degrees! Ceiling fans are an essential part of any home, but they can be tricky to install. It is important that you hire professionals for this job so your ceiling fan doesn’t give out on its first day! Estevez Electrical has been installing them in Allentown since 2000 and will make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish with no headaches or problems along the way.

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Our expert electricians make it simple and easy for you to have a new ceiling fan installed without the hassle of worrying whether or not your roof is strong enough. No need to fear that when installing, repairing an existing one in place will be difficult because our licensed professionals are bonded and insured so they can do anything needed! They take care of all aspects from start to finish including making sure there won’t be any accidents on their end while working with ladders at heights higher than what most people expect.

At Estevez Electric, we offer the best in ceiling fan installations! Our work is affordable and guaranteed to last so if you’re looking for a top-notch electrician near me then look no further.

Ceiling Fan Benefits & Uses

The benefits of installing a ceiling fan in your home or office are numerous and can be attributed to many different factors. We’ve listed just some here.

Energy Savings

Using a ceiling fan in the summer or winter can help you save money on your energy bills. You could turn up the thermostat just enough so that it’s not as demanding for air conditioning, which will allow you to use less power than normal. The benefit of using this device is twofold-cooling down spaces during warm seasons and heating them when needed most!

Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

Ceiling fans not only keep your rooms cool and comfortable, but they also make outdoor spaces more inviting. The air circulated by a ceiling fan is healthier for you because it’s cleaner than the outside environment which can often have high levels of pollen or other allergens in it – making these naturalresources important to enjoy all year round!

Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installation

Today, many of our ceiling fans are combined with lighting. This means you can utilize your space better by creating the ambiance and be comfortable at the same time! Our technicians will also perform upgrades to add lights if needed on an existing fan for more light in any room or hallway that needs it most.


Ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool on hot summer days, but they can also add some style and ambiance. If you have the space for it though our large selection of ceiling fan designs will make any room feel more modern with their sleek lines or unique look!

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for your Rooms

There are many factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan, so make sure you know exactly what your needs and requirements are. One of these considerations is room size – the bigger the space in question, then obviously larger fans will be better suited than smaller ones since they can produce more air movement with less power from an individual motor or battery pack.

Use a Certified Electrician to Install Your Ceiling Fan in Allentown, PA

You should only trust the services of an electrician who is certified to install your ceiling fan. They will make sure that you have enough power for it, and they can prevent any potential problems with surges after installation too! Give us a call today at (484) 838-2763.

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