Emergency Electrical Service & Repairs

Emergency Electrical Service & Repairs in Allentown, PA

We all know that electrical problems are a likely cause of about one-third of structure fires. But what you might not have known is how to tell when an emergency situation arises and whether or not it requires professional assistance from someone who specializes in this field? The first step towards solving any problem, large or small including those involving electricity is learning as much information possible so we can make informed decisions based on available details! That’s why our team at Estevez Electric will always be there 24/7 with answers.

Call Estevez Electric today at  to schedule a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector inspection today or schedule your inspection online.

What Is Considered An Electrical Emergency?

If you think that your electrical problem is something more than a nuisance, give us a call. Our team will help diagnose the issue and determine whether it’s actually an emergency or not before scheduling any unnecessary work for yourself. You’re not alone. Some of the common indicators of an electrical emergency include:

Unidentified Burning Scent

The smell of burning plastic can be an indication that your appliances are causing the problem. Make sure you check all outlets, ducts and breakers for any sparks or strange noises coming from them as this could mean there’s something wrong with either one!

A Buzzing Or Humming Sound In Breaker Box

The normal sound of an electrical current flowing through the wires in your breaker box is a gentle hum. However, if you notice that it’s getting louder and more bothersome than before then something may be wrong like overloads on some circuits which can cause a potential fire hazard.

Lights Continuously Tremble

When your lights flicker, it could be a minor problem with the light bulb or maybe just something going on in that circuit. But if you get persistent flickering this signals an actual bigger issue- such as too much voltage and loose wiring which are dangerous! You need to have them looked at right away so they don’t cause anything worse like fires from being left unchecked

A Person Received An Electrical Shock

There are many instances where one can experience electrical shock, such as:

  • Old outlets that are two-prong and therefore have no ground wire as a safety barrier
  • An outlet or switch with loose screws or wiring makes the electrical current unstable
  • Faulty appliances, including frayed wiring or broken cords that shock you when you plug them in
  • Water sources near electricity, or touching outlets with damp hands

Smoke Coming From An Outlet Or Cords Nearby

These outlets may start a fire because they are covered in dust and dirt. Debris builds up inside, causing electricity to transfer which could lead to an arcing event that causes heat buildup or even sparks flying off into your room! Make sure you check for any loose wires before this happens by giving each outlet its own plugs so nothing else can be damaged too when there is trouble at one point during use

Loss Of Power

When everyone else on the block loses power, it’s not abnormal to experience a reduction in your home’s voltage. But if you happen be one of few people left with electricity after some kind of failure or problem at an electrical company office nearby – then that could mean there is hazardous issue going down inside their breaker box which needs immediate diagnosis!

Moist Electrical Panel

Electrical panels are designed to protect you from the dangers of mixing water and electricity, but they can’t do their job if there’s no seal or soak through on your box. Corroding corrosion will ruin multiple components in an electrical panel which increases resistance within circuits causing more heat production this could lead not only towards fire spotting across other areas (like bedroom), but potentially even cause explosions!

An Electrical Fire Situation

When there’s a fire, you should call 911 and get the flames put out immediately. After that it depends on what caused them if we can find out where they came from then maybe do some repairs or just replace whatever system might have been compromised by this incident so nothing else happens in future fires because of our negligence as homeowners!

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Estevez Electric L.L.C.
Based on 291 reviews
The workers called and came early, did a great job, left no mess and were amazing. Thank you.
I had to hire an electrician to change out the service line in my home. After researching I decided to go with Estevez Electric and so glad I did. Very professional, prompt, friendly and surprisingly neat. He took out the city permit, completed the job within 48 hours and returned with city inspector for final inspection. I would definitely refer him to friends and family. Thank you again, Estevez Electric!
Chris came out on a weekend to help troubleshoot an electrical issue at our home. He was quick, professional, and walked me through everything he was doing as he was troubleshooting so I could become more familiar with my electrical panels and meter. I really appreciated the fast and friendly service, would highly recommend to anyone in need of an electrician.
Very pleased. He came out quickly to consult about the electrical work. Professional customer service, I highly recommend him.
I recently had an electrical fire problem at my home, and I contacted Estevez Electric for help. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service provided. Not only did Chris and his crew swiftly resolve the issue, but they were also incredibly efficient, timely, and left the area cleaner than they found it. Doing business with them was a breeze, and their professionalism was top-notch. These men love what they do and it shows in their mannerisms and most importantly in the quality of their work. I highly recommend Estevez Electric for any electrical needs.
Had an awesome experience with Chris. He was quick to reply, honest and helpful. We got a quote for a few projects and immediately proceeded with one, which he was able to schedule in under a week. Super friendly, respectful, clean and reliable. Very grateful for him and will definitely reach out for future projects. Our new fan looks great!
Chris was on time and did great work. I will use him again!
Estevez hizo un rapido y Excelente servicio que recomiendo.
I have found my new go to electrician! We had 2 generator inlets and a manual switch installed. The work was reasonably priced and Chris was done in a couple of hours with minimal power disruptions. I will be using Estevez Electric again in the future. Thank you Chris.
Best electrician ever!
Chris is very responsive and easy to work with. He does a great job!
Great experience with Chris! Super professional, great communication and a fast install. I would be happy to use Esteves Electric again for any future electrical needs!
Thank you so much. The job was done fast. No issues with it. I asked him to go back again because I wasn’t sure if things. He quickly responded and advised. I will definitely call Chris again for another job. Thank you for your professionalism and hard work.
Great service! We reported a problem and Chris was able to help us out on the same day.
Outstanding work and highly recommended. He replaced our entire panel as well as wire in a new tankless water heater, and did it very efficiently. Chris is great to work with and didn’t treat the project like a job site, but our home. Going forward he will be the only electrician we hire.
Mr Estevez did an excellent job! I work from home and while I was cleaning in the morning, I plugged in the vacuum cleaner and my outlet unfortunately blew up. I looked online found Estevez Electric, gave them a call and within 45 minutes Chris had came to the house. He was extremely friendly and personable and was able to fix my outlet. Then I remembered I had two other electrical issues that I did not talk about on the phone that he was also able to fix Immediately and as a result, I didn’t miss any of the meetings I had lined up for the day. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Kind and very professional. I will definitely be call him when I need work done.
Excellent service, clean and safe work. Recommended 💯
Estevez Electric did an update on our old lighting in our basement. Estimate was reasonable and thorough. Arrived on time and as each section was completed I was asked to inspect to make sure it was what we wanted. Good and quick communication throughout the process. Highly recommend.
I set up an appointment with Steve and he was able to come a day earlier. He let me know when he was on his way and he came. He was very professional the whole time with our conversations and his work. He listened patiently to my concerns and questions. He completely fixed my issue. He cared about the quality of his work and that I was also pleased with the results.
Chris is the only electrician we will use. He is extremely knowledgable and answers all of our questions. I highly recommend you give them a call for all of your electrical needs!
Responded quickly, knew what needed to be done and didn’t oversell. Chris performed job efficiently and extremely pleasant. I will use again!
Great work! Honest and fair.
This is the second time that Chris has been to our home. He is truly a pleasure with whom to work. He is responsive and communicates scheduling matters well. He is punctual, efficient, tidy, and his charges are very reasonable. Estevez Electric is a great find.
Gabriel arrived right on time! He was very knowledgeable about the task, he also took the time to explain everything to us before getting started. He asked me questions to ensure that the job was done to my preference. He was so kind and personable! He replaced two ceiling/light units within our home. Gabriel even found that an inappropriate dimmer was placed on an older fan, causing some wiring protectant to melt. He showed us the issue and was able to fix it on the spot! He then checked all the other units to make sure that there wasn’t a potential fire hazard in our home. We felt so taken care of by Gabriel, and the units look fantastic! Estevez Electric responds to your call immediately. They check in both before and after service. If you’re looking for dedicated, knowledgable professionals who value communication, this is your team!
I called Estevez Electric this morning due to an electrical issue in my home and Chris was there within half an hour to assess the situation. He quickly diagnosed the issue and had a plan in place for later in the day to replace our entire breaker box. His team showed up on time and did an excellent job. From the minute Chris and his team walked into my home, each one of them was not only professional but also incredibly friendly; interacting with my toddler each time they saw him. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and exceeded my expectations. My husband and I said we now know exactly where to turn should we ever have any other electrical issues in the future. Truly cannot speak highly enough about Chris and his team!
Answered my call quickly, scheduled me next day, took time to hear me out and offer a solution. Arrived on time and got right to work. Extremely efficient and professional. Cleaned up and made sure we were happy. Will definitely hire again. Highly recommend Estevez Electric!
Very professional and knowledgeable. Took time to explain everything to me and did a great job.
Chris was the best, he responded immediately. My house had a partial outage, Chris replaced main circuit breaker switch, and was very reasonable. I will hire him again!
We hired Chris and his team to install and wire an underground connection to our shed, install overhead lighting in our garage, and add a few outlets to our basement.From start to finish, the job was handled very professionally, and he and his team did a brilliant job. Chris came out the same morning as the initial outreach to assess the scope of work and generate an estimate. On the day of the job, he and his team arrived exactly at the agreed upon time, and methodically completed each facet of the project, and even took some time to clean up afterwards.Needless to say, my fiance and I are extremely pleased with the results, and the attention to detail that Chris maintains is a rare quality that I sincerely appreciate.We’ll be looking to have some more electrical work done in the future and Chris will continue to be our go-to for those projects.
I had an electrical emergency yesterday morning and called these guys on a whim. I am so beyond happy I did! They are all super professional and kind. I absolutely would recommend them to anyone looking for electrical work.
I had a problem with a switch that failed (and even smoked) and called Estevez Electric to repair after turning that breaker off. The electrician Chris came out here and fixed the issue on the same day I called. The work was efficient, courteous, and fairly priced.
Estevez was very considerate and took the time to thoroughly explain the process to me. He is truly a remarkable electrician!
Amazing service. Amazing
I appreciated that c they were quick to reply to my inquiry, on time date of service, very nice, and did an awesome job.
I called Chris today because my electric range was not working. He came out the same day troubleshooted and resolved the issue. He has great customer service is honest, professional and his pricing is fair. What more can you ask for in a contractor I will definitely be using Chris again thank you so much Chris. I appreciate your help today.
Chris installed a Tesla home charger in my garage. Great price, on time, quality work and very professional. Highly recommend to anyone needing electrical work, from the biggest of jobs to the smallest, they’re great!!
Their electrician thoroughly explained the work and demonstrated excellent understanding of EV charging. What stood out was his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to a clean installation. Going above and beyond, he expertly concealed wires within the walls, resulting in a seamless and tidy setup. Thanks!
I had the pleasure of hiring Estevez Electric L.L.C. for electrical work, specifically installing an EV charger at my Allentown home. Their team delivered outstanding service. They promptly provided a quote and scheduled the installation within just a few days. Thanks for the excellent work!
From the instant the Estevez Electric L.L.C. electrician arrived at my home, his friendly and professional demeanor was evident. He took the time to explain the process thoroughly, making sure I understood each step. Thank you so much for the great service!
The experience was excellent for a first-time vent user like me! I highly recommend Estevez Electric L.L.C. Their efficient, informative, and professional approach sets them apart from the rest. Trust them for exceptional results, whether it’s installations or cleaning services.
Chris is awesome, prompt, professional, and I fully recommend him for any of your electric-work needs! Thanks again Chris!
Right from the start, Estevez was responsive and accommodating. His team arrived promptly and wasted no time in getting to work. Their efficiency was impressive, and they completed the job in no time. The wiring for our TV was done flawlessly, and the LED lighting installation was professionally executed.
I had the pleasure of hiring Estevez Electric L.L.C. for electrical work, specifically the installation of an EV charger, at my home in Allentown. I am thrilled with the service provided by Jose the electrician and his team. From the very beginning, Estevez was prompt in providing a quote and was able to schedule the installation within just a few days. Thanks!
Installed new electrical outlet and lighting. Great job. Everything works great.
I contacted Estevez Electric online recently about installing an 100 amp electrical sub panel. I immediately received a text that a CSR would be contacting me shortly. Within an hour Chris Estevez (owner) called me and asked if he could come out and review my request. He arrived within 20 minutes, looked over the job, and gave me a reasonable verbal quote that was later electronically sent to me that same night to review and sign. I sent him the signed quote two days later. Within 15 minutes, he called and asked if he could install the sub panel the next day – Saturday at 8:30am. He promptly came when promised and had the job done in 2 hours.Chris is a top notch electrician who went above and beyond his work quote when he noticed other things that needed corrected within my main panel. He’s also very responsive, professional, polite, and was willing to share his electrical knowledge as well as his Christian beliefs. I strongly recommend Chris for any type of electrical needs.
Estevez electic is very professional. I highlyrecommend him. The service isexceptional, timely, & he approachesthe job with integrity. I plan to usehim for all my future needs. If youneed any work done, please don’thesitate to give him a call!
Awesome experience watching Chris do his thing. Very knowledgeable. Took his time to understand the problem and fixed it and made sure it wasn’t going to happen again. I highly endorse Chris for any problems you may have. Will be using again in the future for all my electrical problems.
Estevez Electric L.L.C., an exceptional electrical company in Allentown, when I had a clogged sink. I called on Tuesday, and to my delight, I was able to secure an appointment for the very next day, scheduled between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. The service I received was prompt and efficient. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their outstanding customer service and the valuable information provided during the service visit. Thank you!
From the moment Estevez Electric L.L.C.’s electrician, arrived at my home, he exuded a friendly and professional demeanor. He was considerate and took the time to thoroughly explain the process to me, ensuring I understood every step of the way. Throughout the day, I was working from my home office, and to my surprise, I hardly even noticed that he was there. His seamless and efficient work allowed me to focus on my tasks without any disruption. Thank you so much!!
Had my PoA ripped from my home. Called them up and they were out in 2 business days. (Non emergency). Very professional and helpful. Would recommend.
I was searching for an electrician near me when I came across Estevez Electrics great reviews so we hired them for a variety of needs and have been pleased with everyone we have worked with, the quality of the completed work, and the professionalism of their staff.
Chris from Estevez Electric in Allentown was absolutely awesome to work with. He was very professional; fast, efficient and informative on the best way to install and run the conduits he needed to run. We are building an outdoor kitchen.
Showed up at last minute even though I didn’t have appointment with him. Would hire him again for future visits for electrical work.
I needed 3 outlets installed for new appliances. Gabriel and Chris were beyond generous and professional. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Highly recommend!
Mr. Estevez was professional and courteous. Will definitely use Estevez electric again. Thanks
Chris and Gabriel did an excellent job replacing our decades old lighting and fixtures with new LED lights, fixtures and bulbs. They were on time, worked quickly and clean as they replaced each fixture. They even explained to me what they were doing. Our church and homeschool facility is now bright and cheerful. Everyone who comes in the door is shocked at how nice everything looks. We are beyond satisfied and would use them in the future. Top notch, top notch.
Amazing Work !
They were very prompt and friendly. They explained everything well and were very knowledgeable.
This guy is amazing, I called him with an emergency and responded and showed up really quick. Did his job fast and was really clean and respectful. I would definitely call him for some more work. I recommend this guy he’s the real deal.
I would absolutely use/rely on the expertise of Estevez Electric! Very professional, understanding, timely and precise!
Chris Estevez was awesome! Very polite, professional, responsive, and reasonably priced. I will definitely use him again in the future.
Chris was a life- saver. Electric oven arrived after 3 months waiting and Lowes had not told me that I needed a special electrical outlet. Wife was super upset. Called Chris and he came right out and fixed it up! He also fixed some faulty wiring in the basement from before I bought the place! So happy with the service. Thank you very much Chris!
Highly responsive and reliable. Very difficult to find an electrician that does what they say when they say they’re going to do it! Highly recommended
My electrical box mounted on the exterior of my house was falling off the bracket and Estevez Electric safely and successfully remounted the box and sealed the perimeter of the box to ensure no water infiltration. Chis works very clean, safe and efficient. I walked with him to his van and it was impeccable. He is very knowledgeable and his pricing is competitive. I highly recommend Chris for any electrical job.
Quick, efficient, friendly, affordable. Responsive and trustworthy. Definitely earned a long term customer.
Chris was a lifesaver, I called so many services that claims to be same day service providers, but give me schedule time for a week. I called Chris. He came out right away. He went above and beyond to solve my problem. Also, he went as far as checking and fixing electrical problems that I was not even aware of having. I’m super impressed. I’m officially a customer for life. My sincere gratitude Chris.
One of the most professional Electrical company I’ve ever worked with punctual, Very responsive to the needs of the customer, direct honest and delivers whatever task is given in the appropriate time frame.
Had a ceiling fan installed and everything went perfectly from initial contact to the job being completed. The guys were friendly and professional, arrived on time and were very knowledgeable. Will definitely be using this company again!
From the moment we found him on Google. He’s been nothing but professional, informative, and thorough and the work that he has provided my family. We highly recommend him to anyone needing any electrical work done on their home.
Estoy muy agradecido por el trabajo que me hicieron se los recomiendo Estevez electric muy profesional .si tengo que hacer algún trabajo en un futuro los contrataría otra ves sin duda. Una ves más muchas gracias
Wow what an amazing company! I called and within 2 hours they were here!! Great pricing(i bid 3 companies) but it was the quality I liked the most! They communicated everything so cleary and explained every step before completing the work to make sure we would approve. I run a Carrabba’s Italian Grill and it is so hard to find someone not only so great at their skill but so hospitable and friendly. I highly recommend Estevez Electric and already have another job scheduled with them. No operator you are connected right to the owner. Thanks again!
Good guy’s great work I’ll be calling again
Estevez Electric is exceptional. Their work is precise and of high quality. Their professionalism is the best in the industry. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Excellent job professional work
Very professional
Chris actually answered the phone! We found him to be personable and efficient. He did an excellent job with our 2 big projects.We are extremely happy we chose him to do the job.
Chris is very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable I would definitely recommend him for all your electrical needs.
Really appreciate the professionalism and quick response of Chris and Sheldon to resolve my electrical issue. Fair price and prompt service! Would recommend!!
Professional, very clean quality work. Will refer to friends and family
Chris is a pleasure to deal with. He did a great job installing electric heat in one of rentals. I will use him again in the future.
Christopher was fast and responsive, he got the ground rods that we needed installed so that our property would pass inspection, and get our service restored within a very reasonable amount of time. Not only did he answer any question or concerns we had he did so in a timely fashion and didn’t charge an absurd amount of money to get things done. I highly recommend him for any electrical needs you may have.
He was very professional and very helpful in the inspection and pricing was very fair. I will definitely be using them for my electrical jobs.
Estevez Electric is fantastic! They did an excellent job installing an outside outlet/converting the existing electrical from 220v. They were on time (actually were able to come earlier than expected but contacted me first to check) and were very friendly. They charged a reasonable price and were available soon after I first contacted them. I highly recommend them. I’ll definitely call them in the future when I need an electrician again.
I had a very small job during a busy time for Estevez electric and they made time for me. Very professional and personable. Excellent! Will call back when I need electrician.
We contracted with Estevez Electric to make some electrical repairs that were identified on our pre-purchase home inspection. Estevez Electric gave an accurate estimate and was on time for the job. Chris, the owner, was a pleasure to work with. Estevez Electric will be our go to electrician for all of our electrical needs.
Was quick and easy definitely recommend to anyone
Chris was super on time, engaging and professional. Was here for maybe a little over an hour or less and fixed an issue that I’ve had for years. Would definitely recommend him!!!
Very punctual and services performed professionally. Fair pricing and overall outstanding service. Very pleased.
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